From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Top 10 Super Humans Of India

Amidst its bustling cities and tranquil countryside of India, there exists a hidden world where the extraordinary thrives alongside the mundane—a world inhabited by individuals whose abilities defy the norms of human experience. These are the superhumans of India, whose remarkable talents and powers defy explanation and captivate the imagination. They aren’t fictional characters, but real people defying limitations and showcasing the potential of the human body and mind. From physical prowess to remarkable mental capabilities, these extraordinary individuals illuminate the extraordinary potential of the human spirit.

1. Manoj Chopra (Strongman) : This real-life “Iron Man” from Jalandhar, Punjab, holds numerous records for superhuman feats of strength. From pulling trucks with his teeth to breaking concrete slabs with his bare hands, Chopra’s strength is awe-inspiring. Manoj with his astounding telekinetic abilities, challenges the very fabric of reality. From moving objects with a mere thought to bending spoons with his mind, Manoj’s prowess leaves spectators speechless.

2. Yaashwin Sarawanan : Another towering figure in the realm of superhumans of India is Yaashwin Sarawanan. Popularly known as the “Human Calculator”, this 19-year-old young champ’s speed of mental calculation is priceless to watch. Gifted with a photographic memory and lightning-fast mental calculations, Yaashwin astounds observers with his ability to solve complex mathematical problems within seconds. His feats have earned him accolades and admiration, showcasing the boundless potential of the human brain.

3. Shakuntala Devi : Renowned as the “human computer,” Shakuntala Devi is a multifaceted individual with exceptional talent who captivated audiences even at the young age of three. She is an accomplished author of various genres and a great motivational speaker. Millions of people all throughout the world have been inspired by Shakuntala Devi, a writer and mathematician combined.

4. Nandana Unnikrishnan : She is a child with autism and has the extraordinary ability to read her mother’s mind. From knowing her unspoken words to learning poems through her mind, Nandana’s gift blurs the lines between science and the extraordinary. Her story challenges our understanding of the autistic mind and raises fascinating questions about the potential for hidden connections between us.

5. Akrit Jaswal : Akrit Jaswal is the smartest boy in the world, with an IQ of 146. At the age of seven, Akrit gained widespread recognition. He treated an eight-year-old girl who had burned her hand during his first surgical treatment. Despite lacking official medical training and surgical experience, Akrit, a child prodigy managed to liberate the girl’s fingers, restoring her hand’s functionality.

6. Jyoti Raj (Monkey Man): Monkey Man is a fitting nickname for Jyothi Raj, the well-known spiderman of Chitradurga, who is also referred to as “Kothi Raj.” His hands and feet practically skimming the surface with a solid hold, it is unbelievable how quickly he traverses rocky walls while the audience below lets out a collective scream. He claims that he acquired this trick by closely monitoring and mimicking their nimble movements.

7. Prahlad Jani : The name Prahlad Jani alias Chunriwala Mataji is not that of a common individual. He is a total riddle. Could you imagine if we told you that Prahlad didn’t consume water or food during 80 years of his life? He died in 2020 at the age of 90, however, during his life he asserted that he has stopped having anything since 1940. Numerous researchers made an effort to unravel the riddle of Prahlad’s peculiar behaviour. On him, a few television programs, short films, and documentaries have also been produced.

8. Dashrath Manjhi (The Mountain Man) : He was a determined individual who succeeded in cutting a road through a mountain by himself. Using only a hammer and chisel, he created a passage through a ridge of hills that measured 110 metres (360 feet) in length, 9.1 metres (30 feet) in width, and 7.7 metres (25 feet) in depth.  He changed the lives of the residents of this little village in the state of Bihar by dedicating 22 years of his life to it.

9. Raj Mohan Nair (Electricity Mohan or “Electro-Man) : He is a man with a weird gift of surviving electrocution when he touches electricity. Though, as soon as the current enters his body, his eyes glaze over, temporarily making him blind. He can survive more than the normal amount of electric current that would instantly kill an ordinary human in any situation. He got to know about his super-power when he was just 7 years old.

10. Shanti Devi : The narrative surrounding Shanti Devi’s rebirth is on par with any Bollywood production. Mahatma Gandhi was taken aback by her story of Lungdi Devi’s rebirth, reincarnation, and afterlife. Everyone was shocked to learn details from a four-year-old child about a location she had never been and people she had never seen before.

The stories of superhumans in India are not isolated occurrences. These individuals may not wear capes or fight supervillains, but they make us wonder the unnatural powers present. They represent a potential that resides within all of us. The question that arises is: How can we cultivate and nurture this potential?

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